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Who Is The Favourite To Win The World Cup?


The 2018 FIFA World Cup has already started and there are many teams and nations with the dream of winning the trophy. Nontheless we all know that winning the World Cup is not for any team!

Untill now, 79 different countries were represented by their national teams at the World Cup competition, but only 8 have won the trophy! Here is a list of all the winners, in case you don’t remember:

World Cup Winners So Far
World Cup Winners

It hasn’t changed much during the years, but this is 2018 now. Who are the favourites for this year’s World Cup? There are classics like Germany (the Champion right now), Spain of France, but we have some different ideas:



Well, they are the team with most wins and it’s a country with a strong tradition in football. This year, as always, they have an incredible skilled team with the likes of Allison or Ederson in defense and quality players like Miranda or Marcelo from Real Madrid. Then yoy have Casemiro, Coutinho, Paulinho, and who can forget Firmino or the INCREADIBLE Neymar? But statistics and skills are not all in football and Brazil just had a draw with Switzerland…


Well, they haven’t been very strong in defense lately, but how can the team of Lionel Messi not be a favourite? They haven’t had a good start with the draw of 1-1 with a much weaker opponent (Iceland) and Lionel Messi failing a penalty that could have given the 3 points to his team, but how can we believe that this is the best he can do? Maybe we’ll still see a big comeback from the little magic one and his country!


Well, this is a long shot here, as the portuguese never won any world cup, but they are the European Champions and they have the best player in the world right now, the AMAZING Cristiano Ronaldo who just scored 3 goals against their rival Spain in the greatest World Cup match so far this year (3-3). Maybe they are not favourites, but who can blame anyone of betting on Cristiano Ronaldo to win any trophy?


Belgium have one of the strongest teams in the competition and many of them are coming into the primes of their careers. The time to step up is now but there are two concerning aspects to the side. First there is a serious reliance on Romelu Lukaku to score goals. If he doesn’t, then they may struggle. But there is one problem for this team: Arguably their best player, Kevin De Bruyne has publicly criticised the tactics of the coach before and if your best player is not on board with what the coach wants to achieve, then this could cause fissures throughout the side…

What do you think of our ideas for this year’s World Cup Winners? Let us know!

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