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How to get the dream girl by spending less than 50$


So you’re looking for your dream girl? First of all, you need to realise some things:


It’s not the money that a dream girl comes after, its what comes with the money:

1) With money you get confidence, to do anything.

2) With money you get respect from colleagues and acquintances.

3) With money you can have the resources, not only the one which can be bought, but the other ones also, which comes with people’s trusts.

4) Good money also ensures you leadership qualities, you do have observed that mainly the leaders gets paid more, not the one, who is hardworking. And much much more qualities money ensures you have.

And these are the qualities that attract a dream girl, not the money. Yes, they attract women because those are qualities that men with money have, but you can easily seem confident, make her believe that people respect you, that you have people’s trust and that you are a true leader. When she finds out you don’t have the money, well, it’s already done.

Well, so what we mean is this: money is not directly the phenomenon that attracts women, its the qualities that does. And it isn’t hard to posses those qualities without money, money just ensures those qualities.

Here’s a few tips, without spending much money:
  1. Find out what your dream girl likes: Her favorite TV Shows, Movies, Music, Books and see if you like any of them that you can afford. Strike a conversation about it, odds are she is going to be super interested to talk to you about them as she likes them too.
  2. Ask her to accompany you for a walk in the park because you are tired of going to restaurants and partys. Smile and pay attention to her while you ask her.
  3. Look into your dream girl’s eyes when she speaks to you. If you’re doing this for the first time, focus on the bridge of her nose. She will think that you are looking into her eyes. (Girls love guys who are confident. Because rich guys are confident.
  4. Buy her something on the run, like you don’t care about money, something cheap but funny. Like some doll, or a cute cupcake. “Look, this has your name all over it! I’m buying”. She’ll say something like “Don’t spend money on that!” and laugh about it. By spending you show you don’t care about money to make her happy.
  5. Touch her- This is a totally different step for women than it is for men. Women just like to be touched simply to be touched. Something as simple as running your hand down her back or pulling the hair out of her eyes shows a woman that you want her. Not every touch needs to have sexual connotations. In fact, probably your dream girl much prefers the touches that are simply a show of affection. If they feel affection it will be easier to feel attracted sexually, as a result you can… well, you know!
  6. Show genuine interest and don’t fake it, as It is very easy to find out if someone is faking it.
    The two most important tips:
  7. Give compliments- Women need to feel pretty. Women want to feel like they are the most attractive person in the room, even when they first crawl out of bed in the morning. They also love to be told when something they do pleases their man. A simple, “You look pretty today” can go a long way to make a girl happy. Simple compliments tell women that you notice and you care.
  8. Be sincere. Your dream girl can tell if you are only pretending to listen or compliments are forced. No matter what you do or say, make sure that it is in the sincerest form. Women don’t want to hear, “You look pretty today,” if it comes out sounding like you read it off a cue card.
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