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10 Training Tips for Men Who Like to Workout Alone


This one goes to those who “train alone” (or want to), absolutely without help, seeking within their spirits their mental and corporal evolution. You lonewolfs, Clint Eastwoods of the Training World. Maybe you want to do it to consequently feel better about yourself. Or maybe you believe that women will be more interested in you rather than in other men around. It doesn’t matter as long as you get on that iron. “Go get’em Tiger!”.

10 Training Tips

  • 1) First of all, consume carbohydrates from low to moderate glycemic index. Do that no more than 3 hours before the training and make a generous plate of whole noodles and sweet potatoes. That way you will probably have an optimal reserve of muscle glycogen to train with intensity;

  • 2) Consume daily protein (it gets easier to get the required amount without letting your digestive system intoxicated by increased meat intake);

  • 3) Consume lots of water during the day because it removes the excess of impurities from the body through the urine like excess protein and maintains proper hydration;

  • 4) Never take more than 3 hours without eating and eat balanced meals with a quantity of carbohydrates and another of proteins;

  • 5) Increase fiber intake. That way you will improve toxin removal from the digestive system;

  • 6) After training the correct nutrition is crucial! After ingestion the ideal is to wait for one to consume a meal of complex carbohydrates and lean proteins;

  • 7) While training ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE MUSCULAR FAILURE TO SEEK. Some tips: For safety, bench press on machines or on Smith. If there is a fault, stop the exercise without hurting it;

  • 8) Do the PAUSE-BREAK method: when you reach the fault, rest the bars, dumbbells or weights, breathe for at least 5 seconds and resume until the next fault;

  • 9) DROP-SET: after reaching failure, reduce weight by approximately 50% and without rest. Also make sure you make 3 to 5 more movements;

  • 10) ISOTENSION: in the lateral elevations or extensor table, hold for 2 “at the maximum contraction point in the last 4 repetitions (feel the burning);

Other Tips:

AND IN ALL SITUATIONS MOVING THE WEIGHTS OF THE FOLLOWING WAY: “at the moment of muscle stretching (when it makes less force), inhale and bring the weight to the correct range. REALIZE THEN AN EXPLOSIVE MOVEMENT WHEN YOU MAKE THE FORCE. CONCENTRATE ON THE TARGET MUSCLE.

We hope that these tips can help you. We also hope that you can keep your focus and fighting spirit. Be sure that you strongly embrace everyone and train steadfastly, with determination.

IMPORTANT: The information contained in these posts are tips, so whenever you start a routine of Training seek the guidance of a Physical Educator and if it is a Diet consult a Nutritionist.

How do you feel about this article? If you have any ideas to complement this topic please be free to discuss them with us. Also visit other posts in our Dating or Lifestyle sections


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