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10 things that can turn you into a real man


Are you man enough?

It’s known that today it’s difficult to be a real man, even though nobody knows exactly what that is. The American plastic artist Chad States published an advertisement in the newspapers looking for men who were willing to be photographed representing his masculinity. The vast majority of volunteers simply wanted to show the penis. There were also others who posed in the chest or in a suit and tie or holding tools. So that’s what makes a man? Hardly!

If you search the internet on men’s and women’s websites and also on personal blogs, you’ll find that no one even comes close to the measure of masculinity. Women want beautiful, wonderful men, healed, attentive, romantic, successful, masculine, but who know how to be submissive when the situation is appropriate. Men want to be macho, have the best gadgets, be successful, run away from housework and have the ability to be an unforgettable sex god to any woman who appears ahead. Is that a man? We can’t tell also!

But if we take some old and modern idols, real or fictional, like Sean Connery, George Clooney, Russel Crowe, Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jose Mayer and even Barack Obama, we will see that there are some characteristics that go far beyond the excess testosterone. Here, we risk some of them:

1) A Man Knows How To Speak:

You do not have to declaim things as a refuse of the eighteenth century, but if your vocabulary is restricted to “mano”, “certo”, “só” or the famous phrase attributed to cariocas that does not carry consonant, “ih oh, there, there, you will have serious problems. This is because wrong rhetoric will lead you to not be able to express yourself right or be very misunderstood.

2) A Man Keeps himself Informed:

There are several things happening in the world beyond Football. Learn a little more of these events, research, read or die of laziness to accompany eyes with the eyes, at least, watch some news on TV. And please, paying attention.

3) A Man Practices Some Physical Activity:

You do not have to be a weight lifter or gym rat, but taking care of your body is a must nowadays with this stressful life in the offices. Believe in the fact that when you have a well developed machine your performance at work, at leisure and especially in bed gets much better.

4) A Man Knows How To Drink:

Alcoholic drinks and men have had a love affair since ancient times from taverns and saloons and surely no one asked for something that came with little treats in the glass. Be aware, however, of the amount you are going to eat, because a male who is a male does not fall as a drunkard (nor does he take a fine because of this). And in time, know how to prepare at least one drink decently.

5) Man Have a Decent Handshake

You can not hold anyone’s hand with soft fingers. This gives a totally unpleasant sensation to the interlocutor. Be present and mark your territory, but never too much or you’ll look like a dickhead!

6) Man Look Into The Eyes:

This is something that accompanies the handshake. A real man does not look away or lower his eyes when talking to others. Even because this would amount to the dog that puts the tail between his legs. Show that you have nothing to hide.

7) A Man Knows How To Treat A Woman:

that is, have a lot of respect. Be considerate, gentle, gentleman, always willing to pay the bill and do not see it as fragile and inferior. If she is too feminist, finds chivalry something out of the ordinary and offends when you try to have a gentle gesture, then run away, because a real man really needs a real woman.

8) Man Make decisions (and know that they may fail):

A real man accepts and understands the power of choice he has in his life. He decides which doors to open and which to close and if he has taken some wrong way, is humble enough to assume that he has erred and remakes his trail with his head held high.

9) Man Know How To Express What They Feel:

There is no shame in putting out what is really in your chest. Whether in a loving relationship or even in certain degrees of deep friendship (with other men, inclusive), having the security of expressing your feelings does not hurt your manhood. On the contrary, it shows that you really know who you are.

10) Be yourself and always question:

Real men need not follow crowds and should not seek approval all the time. In fact, they accept themselves and always revisit their way of being, seeking to change. In doing so, they do not accept truths given for free, question ready-made formulas, dispense explanations, and embrace ambiguity. That is, real men do not care what it’s like to be a real man.

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